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turnover (2021)
Company founded

Cebes a.s.

The company was founded in 1999 and part of its production carries on the tradition of manufacturing components for rotating electrical machines of the MEZ Brumov company, which started the production of similar components as far back as in 1947.

At present, the company primarily focuses on development and production of sliding contact systems for wind turbine generators and for electric cars engines.

Custom production of commutators, brush holders and slip rings for traction motors is also significant.

The company disposes of modern and productive technological equipment and a team of qualified R & D employees.

Majority of the production is exported to the European Union member states and to China.

Basic informations

CEBES a.s.
Kloboucká 866
763 31 Brumov-Bylnice
Czech republic

The company is registered in the Commercial
Register kept by the Regional Court
in Brno, section B, insert 2978

ID: 25568345
VAT: CZ25568345

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Integrated Management System

Company strategy

(quality and enviromental policy 2013 – 2015)

CEBES a.s. is engaged, for more than 60 years, in the manufacture of commutators for direct-current electric machines, as well as slip rings and brush holders for maschines with commutators, for maschines with slip rings and of ring shaped collecting gears. The company’s portfolio also includes the repairs of these products. We are a customer-oriented company, whose production processes lead to proper and timely fulfillment of orders with desired high quality workmanship. Our major export market is German.

The strategy aims at maintaining this standard, therefore to continue to adhere the full satisfaction of our customers’ needs, to ensure competitive advantage in terms of speed of delivery and products quality and in particular to maximize the usage of our technological and production potential. Flexibility is key as well, which means a flexible reaction to changes in the assignment of new orders. For company’s future development, the project of spatial capacity expansion is a milestone for further quality improvements and expansion of our product range.

For the lifetime of the company, we were able to significantly reduce the impacts from our activities on the environment thanks to considerable investments. Responsible environmental behavior is a permanent priority in CEBES, where friendly approach to the environment is an inseparable part of daily functioning and daily business operations.

The main strategic objectives for the coming period and tools for achieving them are summarized below:

  • Continuing the restoration and modernization of infrastructure, both in the context of improving the production and improving the working conditions and working environment for our employees.
  • Increasing the roles and responsibilities of management at all organizational levels, involving and utilizing the skills of all workers in favor of quality and environmental protection. Support for team and creative spirit within the company and at the same support of individuals in their initiative and work effort.
  • Health and safety protection, pollution prevention. Reduction of material and energy demands of operating technologies in the context of sustainable development. Effective management of natural resources.
  • Proper relationships and cooperation with suppliers and creation of reliable suppliers base to ensure timely production inputs.
  • Improving the management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 snd ISO 3834-2, based also on internal and external audits.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements which are relevant to our company, as well as the requirements of relevant standards and all other relevant requirements.
  • Open cooperation based on suggestions and comments from public authorities, business partners, interest groups and general public.
  • Keeping the economic stability and company’s debt free situation, steady growth of earnings and company’s evaluation according to shareholders’ plan.
  • Development of technical and functional quality of products and services with customer interaction.
  • Diversification of production program, streamlining of existing and introduction of new technologies and modern methods of production with the goal of fulfillment of complex customers’ requirements, as well as gradual minimization of environmental aspects.
  • To maintain the established customer clientele with long-term stabilized core and expansion of customer base – acquisition of new customers with the goal of increasing the volume of production leading to further growth in sales and in order to ensure long-term job opportunities (provision of guarantee to workers as a stable employer).
  • Effective organization, reliable and swift information flow between departments for faster customer service.
  • Rational economic management of resources in order to fulfill this strategy.

This Strategy (Quality and Environmental Policy) is mandatory for all our employees. We expect their proactive approach in fulfillment of this Strategy and related targets. We also expect compliance with principles of environmental protection from all our suppliers and other cooperating organization.


Brumov-Bylnice, 01.02.2021


The CEBES a.s. company has implemented and operates an Integrated Management System. The company holds certificates for ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 3834-2 for the process of welding.

ISO 9001
Quality Management System Certificate

ISO 14001
Enviromental Management System Certificate

EN ČSN ISO 3834 – 2: 2005
Welding Process Certificate