Moulded commutators

CEBES a.s.

Moulded commutators Ø 40-150 mm, peripheral velocity of 20-40 m/sec, heat classes B and F, for applications in the car industry ( starters ) and for engines of material trucks (fork-lift trucks).


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In this solution are segments anchored by ring. It is a concept suitable for higher series. We carry only at the express wish of the customer.

Technical data

  • Segment copper: CuAg 0,03 % or 0,1 % or as requested
  • Segment insulation: built-up mica, remica or as requested
    • Commutator sleeve: steel, either with air events of different execution or without the air vents
    • Diameter range: 40–150 mm
    • The commutator is available with or without lugs, with cut-through grooves for conductors tinned or without tinning, or without the grooves